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Real-Time API Management with Apigee and Fanout

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If you have a traditional RESTful API then you may already be using an API management system such as Apigee, 3Scale, Kong or Amazon API Gateway. Using an API management platform has several advantages such as:

  • Managing API authentication
  • Analytics and logging
  • Caching and traffic manipulation (e.g. transforming JSON to XML or adding a CORS header)
  • Developer portals and interactive documentation
  • Ability to monetize an API
  • An additional layer of security (such as API request throttling)

An Introduction to Payment Disclosure in Zcash

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Zcash is a privacy-focussed decentralised cryptocurrency. Whereas in Bitcoin all transactions are public on the blockchain, so anyone can see and verify them, in Zcash when using shielded transactions, all amounts in addition to the sender and receiver are encrypted, and verification is completed through the use of zero-knowledge proofs.

Scaffolding an Olympic Head-to-Head Simulator

This article is published on the Triathlon Developers documentation.

For the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio we decided to use the Triathlon API to build an application so users could quickly compare the performances of any two athletes in the start lists. In this article we will introduce the application that was developed (in under a day) in order to demonstrate the various capabilities of the API and to provide an example of the API calls that it uses.