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Simple Web Push Notifications with SendPulse and Laravel

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We are all familiar with mobile app notifications and thanks to web push notifications it is now becoming increasingly possible to recreate this experience without an installed app. Web push notifications allow users to subscribe to site notifications by responding to a single prompt and enable you to reach your web users even once they have left your site. Whilst web push notifications work with desktop browsers (currently Chrome, Safari running Mavericks or later and Firefox very soon) they shine for Android users where they truly offer a native app experience.

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Creating a Real-Time API with using Laravel

When creating an API that delivers data that is changing rapidly or where speed is very much of the essence a real-time component soon becomes a necessity. Traditional ‘request-response’ technologies where the client makes a request, hangs around for a response and then processes it adds a huge overhead both in terms of response time but also on resources spent on wasted requests polling for changes when there are none. Indeed Zapier, a service that connects together APIs, estimated that they could reduce load by 66x by implementing a real-time component and eliminating polling.

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